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'Untitled' by Nicholas Pope John Maine

It can be seen on the lawn close to the children's fairy tale village in the Orangery Gardens

“Untitled” by Nicholas Pope  John Maine 

This distinctive sculpture is carved from limestone.

Many families over the years have had photos taken peering through the holes!

The sculptor John Maine created this stone sculpture in 1988, and it was one of the first sculptures to be exhibited in Margam Park during its time as one of the three most important sculpture Parks in Britain.

Over time time it has been ravaged by the elements, but has retained its original shape and texture remarkably well. The sculpture is made from Portland stone and limestone, which in its original condition is a yellowy white colour. It is quite large, about five foot tall, and about six foot wide. It is made in two sections, the top one resting on the larger bottom one, and can be found beside the path between the Orangery and Fairy tale land.

The sculptor has spent a considerable amount of time and effort fashioning the two sections of the sculpture and has managed to create a very smooth surface texture. Even to the touch today the surface is incredibly smooth, and the two sections seem perfectly matched, fitting into each other like a human joint. Some people have suggested that the stones look like clouds, while some have been unable to see anything there at all which might give some indication to the creator’s name for his sculpture. Even if it does not actually represent anything, then it is an excellent piece of stone work in its own right. The artist has used his skills expertly with pieces of stone that are very heavy, and yet look light in their sculpted form. The sculpture has also begun to camouflage itself into the surroundings as it has been covered with an algae that has coloured it in shades of green and yellow.

It can be seen on the lawn close to the children's fairy tale village in the Orangery Gardens


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