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Park Clubs

Friends of Margam Park

The Friends of Margam Park is a well established group with many members.

For more information please contact the park office or visit

Margam Archers

Margam Archers was founded in September 1987.

Whatever you want out of archery, Margam archers can provide it.

The Club has grown consistantly over the years to its present membership level, this success is attributable to its main watchword 'camaraderie'.

Margam Marine Modeling

Margam Park Marine Modeling was formed in 1996 by a small band of enthusiasts who wanted to form a club whose main purpose was an informal and friendly environment in which to pursue their hobby.

On this basis the club has grown into a large and successful group with many of our modellers exhibiting at prestigious shows around the country.

Margam Cricket Club

Margam Cricket ClubMargam Cricket Club is one of the longest-standing cricket clubs in South Wales. It was officially founded in 1897 by workers from the estate of Lord Talbot which is now Margam Country Park although local historians believe that cricket was played on the estate some 25 years earlier. The playing field was originally located on the grassy area alongside Margam Castle which has become, in recent years, a popular venue for concerts by artists such as Elton John and Welsh band Catatonia. At some time in the first quarter of the 20th Century, the pitch was moved to it's present location near the Orangery in the lower part of Margam Park. A new pavilion was built and is still used by Margam teams today.

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