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Sculpture at Margam

The sculptures often capture the interest of our more!

In 1985 a sculpture park was established within the grounds of the Park by the Welsh Sculpture Trust which exhibited work by internationally famous sculptors including Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Elizabeth Frink. The sculpture park has since been disbanded, however some of the sculptures remain. 

The sculptures often capture the interest of our visitors. These pages give you a taster of each of them , some we know more about than others!

'The Shout' by Glynn Williams                  

'Helmut' by Moelwyn Merchant                

Rhiannon ‘Divine Queen’ by David Petersen         

'Pebble Leaf' by Paul Mason         

'Wishing Stone' by Paul Williams    

'Untitled' by Nicholas Pope             

'Mindfulness Benches'              

'Scene of the Deluge' by Matthieu Kessells 

'Finger Maze'by Phillip Chatfield         


'Homage to Chernobyl' by Paul Bothwell Kincaid 

'Immortal Portal' by Vic Brailsford   

'White Cloud' by Alan Ayres 

'Deer Slot' by Christine Angus

'Pan' by Dragonfly Creations 

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