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Sculpture at Margam

In 1985 a sculpture park was established within the grounds of the Park by the Welsh Sculpture Trust which exhibited work by internationally famous sculptors including Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Elizabeth Frink. The sculpture park has since been disbanded, however some of the sculptures remain. 

The sculptures often capture the interest of our visitors. These pages give you a taster of each of them , some we know more about than others!

'The Shout' can be seen just to the right inside the main gates to the Orangery Gardens

‘Helmut’, made of cast iron, can be seen on the grass lawn at the rear of the Orangery.

David’s metal sculpture Rhiannon ‘Divine Queen’ can be seen on the Orangery lawns close to the pergola walkway.

It can be seen close to the ‘House of Four Seasons’ to the rear of the Orangery.

The 'Wishing Stone' can be seen on the lawn alongside the Citrus House in the Orangery Gardens.

It can be seen on the lawn close to the children's fairy tale village in the Orangery Gardens

The benches have been carved by Chris ‘Wood’ a local sculptor. The design of each of the benches being inspired from a famous quote used in mindfulness.

It was made by a German sculptor named Matthieu Kessells, as a gift for Thomas Mansel Talbot in 1817

The finger maze can be seen alongside the path that follows the Ha Ha from the Orangery to the Castle.

This sculpture is alongside the Abbey and Chapter House ruin

they can be seen at the end of the pergola walkway close to the Children's Fairy-tale Village

Can be seen alongside the bamboos to the right as you walk up the main steps to the castle

The Deer slot can be found to the right of the main steps leading from the Orangery to the Castle. It is set amongst the trees.



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