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Paranormal Nights

Paranormal nights at Margam Castle

Margam Castle is available for private hire, this allows you exclusive use of the castle to carry out paranormal investigations.

Paranormal Activity:

In recent years the high reports of paranormal activity have brought psychic investigations to this wonderfully intriguing building. Reports of cold spots and orbs in the Castle are frighteningly abundant on paranormal activity nights. It seems the Castle is flushed with psychic energy. 

The sound of giggling children is heard frequently through the long corridors and dramatic rooms of the family areas. There have been reports of children in Victorian dress seen drifting in and out of doorways and mischievously moving objects. 

The large figure of the blacksmith is also a familiar vision to many of the gamekeepers and gardening staff today who maintain the vast castle grounds. At night the castle's security guards have reported the noise of running footsteps and chattering voices with no sign of anyone else in the building.

The most violent and angry spirit is certainly Robert Scott who is said to have slammed doors and hurled projectiles, and emit a foreboding presence.

The number of paranormal stories coming from the castle on a regular basis could make this property a contender for most haunted house in Britain. 
A recently broadcast 'Paranormal Lockdown' Episode Featured the Castle WATCH IT HERE

 Margam Castle

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Paranormal Event Information
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Contact:  Duty Officer  Scot Bartlett

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