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Park Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations at Margam Park

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The Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council strive to ensure that Margam Country Park is available for public access and enjoyment and asks you to respect the Park and to leave this beautiful place as you found it. For information, attention is drawn to the Wildlife and Countryside act of 1981, its supplements and various amendments which have occurred since the original enactment.

  • Do not feed or touch the animals: Including those out in the Park and within the Rare Breed Farm Trail
  • Metal Detecting:  No metal detecting is allowed within the Park.                                                                        
  • Vehicles and Parking :Parking is permitted in the designated car parking areas. Authorised vehicles only are permitted to drive in the park. All vehicles must operate their hazard lights, adhere to the 15mph speed limit and give way to pedestrians whilst moving around the park. Limited disabled parking for blue badge holders is available at the rear of the castle and in the Orangery car park.   
  • EScooters : the use of e-scooters is not permitted within the Park.
  • Drones: The use of drones by individuals is not permitted within the Park.                                     
  • Dogs: Dogs must be under the control and effectively restrained by the owner, so that they do not interfere with visitors and do not disturb wildlife or any other animal. Stray dogs will be taken from the park by the dog warden. Dog waste bags are available from the car park kiosk, dog litter bins located in prominent locations within the park however it is acceptable to put your dog litter bags in ANY of the Park litter bins.  Dogs must be on leads in the Orangery and Castle gardens and farm trail and do not have access to some park facilities. 
  • Litter: We encourage visitors to take away their litter as it can cause harm to animals and wildlife so we keep the number of litter bins onsite to a minimum. Litter bins are provided in picnicking areas. All the waste of on the Park is sorted and recycled appropriately.
  • BBQ's and fires: Portable BBQs are not permitted on the park.  Our BBQ site can be hired through the park office. Lighting fires, fireworks and releasing Chinese lanterns on the park grounds is not permitted.
  • Gates and Styles: Please close all gates behind you. 
  • Watercourses and lakes: Bathing or swimming is not permitted in any of the lakes or watercourses. There may be underwater obstacles or currents which can be dangerous. Visitors must not obstruct the flow of any drain, watercourse or shut any sluice gate. 
  • Fishing: Fishing permits must be purchased at the entrance kiosk on entry to the park.  An Environment Agency rod licence is essential for purchase of the day fishing permit. At present we do not operate fishing in the Park.  
  • Access: There may be some occasions then access to the park is restricted due to specific events. Full details of events are available on the website or park office. 
    Bike Tracks: There are designated bike trails throughout the park.  Leaflets are available from the car park and shop.  Cycling is not permitted in the Orangery gardens. 
  • Footpaths: With the exception of public rights of way, the footpaths can be subject to occasional closure.  
  • Tents and Gazebos: Tents and gazebos must not be erected on the park without prior consent from the park office. 
  • Wildlife/Plant material and timber: Wildflowers, shrubs and any plant materials and timber must not be removed from the park. Visitors must not disturb any wildlife, injure any egg, disturb any nests or participate in hunting, shooting, setting of traps or laying snares.  
  • Noise: Please consider other visitors and keep any noise to an acceptable level.


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