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The Park and it's amazing bats

An introduction to the bat species at Margam Country Park

A Paradise for Bats

In the UK we have 18 native species of bat, and here in Margam Country Park we are lucky enough to have 14 species. Margam Castle is one of the most important buildings for bats in the whole of Wales. Margam Castle and its surrounding parkland has a great diversity of habitats that benefit bats, including woodlands, water bodies, open stretches of land and a variety of roosts suitable for many species.

 Bats navigate and catch prey in the dark using ‘echolocation’ i.e. making a noise and listening to the echo. To identify bats, ecologists use a ‘bat detector’ which transforms these sounds from high frequency into something we can hear. We can use the frequency and patterns of the call to identify the bat!

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