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Rare Breed Farm Trail

Come and see some of the interesting rare breed animals on the farm trail

PLEASE Do not feed or touch the animals on the trail.

Glamorgan cattle, Llanwenog and Badger Face sheep, Welsh pigs and Buff Orpington hens are just some of the interesting rare breed animals that you can see on the farm trail. All the animals have been chosen traditionally by local farmers and smallholders for both their hardiness and the produce such as milk, fleece, meat or eggs that they provide.

We look after our livestock carefully, each type of animal has its own enclosure shelter and food.

The Glamorgan Cattle are our speciality. You may have seen the herd in the fields next to our main car park. They can be recognised by their chestnut coloured coat and broad white stripe along the backbone, down the tail and under the belly. It was thought that the Glamorgan breed had died out in Britain in the 1920’s. Fortunately a herd was discovered in 1979 in Sussex, and the entire stock was purchased and brought back to the park, ensuring the survival of the breed.

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