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Discover Margam App

'Discover Margam' App

Get the app FREE on Android and iPhone.

Discover Margam App QR CodeSee Margam Country Park as you've never seen it before with this interactive guide to the sights, sounds, secrets and surprises of the park.

Discover Doctor Who's filming locations, rare deer breeds, fairytale cottages, Castle ghosts and much more!

Complete challenges to earn badges and achieve the ultimate award of 'Margam Country Park Ranger'!

Select which categories interest you; history, natural history, TV & film locations, outdoor activities.

Based on your interests, the 'Discover Margam' app will display interesting locations on a map and alert you when they are close by.

At each location, gain points by answering questions and taking part in challenges. Pit your wits against other trainee Rangers and collect Ranger badges as you work your way up the leaderboard.