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Margam Park Community Orchard and Meadow

Margam Park Community Orchard and Meadow project is a collaboration between Margam Country Park and volunteers with the Friends of Margam Park.

The aim of the project is to create a productive, species rich, multisensory, community garden, connecting people with heritage, food and nature. The project is committed to protecting and restoring nature by employing and communicating sustainable practices.

The Community Orchard and Meadow is located within the historic walled kitchen garden. The project sees existing apple and pear trees being restored and new planting, including Welsh heritage fruit trees, fruit bushes, perennial herbs and vegetables. Areas surrounding the fruit trees are being managed as wildflower meadow. The design, implementation and maintenance is undertaken by volunteers working with park staff.

A range of inclusive workshops and activities are organised throughout the year including planting, pruning, biodiversity counts, harvesting, and celebrating Apple Day. Keep up to date with our latest events and activities here.

Margam Park Community Orchard and Meadow is funded by Welsh Government and National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of their Local Places for Nature grant scheme and is receiving support and training from The Orchard Project. The scheme recognises nature as the oldest form of heritage and the urgency to aid nature’s recovery. ​ If you would like to get involved in the project, please contact us. 

Events have been organised as part of the Local Places for Nature grant scheme...

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