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FAQ's: Staged Opening Coronavirus

  1. Why is the park not open until 11.00am?
    The park currently opens at 11.00am in order to ensure that we can make it a safe place for you to enjoy. It gives park staff the opportunity to complete safety checks prior to opening and carry out any essential works or repairs in the areas open for public access. All the pedestrian access gates to the Park that were locked are now reopened.

  2. Why are you limiting entry to 200 vehicles at a time?
    This is a public safety measure we have put in place to comply with Welsh Government guidance on social distancing.

  3. Why are the toilets closed?
    We are sorry that we are unable to open the toilets, however, they are closed in order to protect the health of visitors and staff, complying with Welsh Government guidance on preventing the spread of Covid19.

  4. Why can we not use the play facilities for children?
    Both the Children’s Village and the Adventure Playground are closed for the protection of visitors. The Welsh Government has issued guidance on social distancing which would be impossible to follow if these facilities were open. You may notice during your visit today that a new adventure playground facility is being constructed in the park. When this work is complete, we look forward to being able to open it to the public as soon as Welsh Government guidelines allow.

  5. What about my fishing permit?
    All park permits, including angling have been suspended for the current period. This is something we will be reviewing regularly with a view to restoring access at the earliest opportunity.

  6. Horse Riding in Margam Country Park 
    As part of the gradual re-opening of Margam Country Park and its facilities, we can now announce that from Friday 12th June, existing permit holders will be able to start riding in the park once again, during park opening hours.
    For the time being, access at the East Lodge end of the park will be via the pedestrian access gate only. Due to vandalism of the main gates during the lockdown period, we cannot unfortunately, facilitate vehicle access to the East Lodge car park at the moment. Repairs to the gates will be completed as soon as possible, meanwhile we would respectfully ask permit holders not to leave horse boxes and trailers parked outside the gates themselves

  7. What about my Park Membership?
    Park membership has at present been suspended. Those with membership will have an extension to account for days lost while the Park was operating differently.

  8. Why are the gardens not open to the public?
    This is a temporary measure in order to protect staff and contractors carrying out essential work in that area.

  9. Why are there no catering facilities?
    This is another measure we have had to put in place to protect both staff and visitors and to comply with Welsh Government guidance. We are hoping to be able to introduce some catering facilities when we are able to move to the next stage of opening. We cannot yet say when this will happen as it depends on further announcements from the Welsh Government.

  10. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
    The most important thing you need to be aware of is the importance of maintaining the 2 metre social distancing guidance which will help to keep you and your family safe. We would also be very grateful if you do not discard litter, in particular, tissues as this will help to keep our staff safe. Please keep your dogs under close control during your visit.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Margam Park!


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