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Walking your Dog

Whether you are visiting from afar or popping in for your regular daily dog walk we are always happy to welcome you

Unfortunately, we have had a number of incidents in the last few weeks of dogs not being kept under control whilst visiting the park. In particular there have been a number of occasions when dogs have been seen chasing deer. This is very distressing for the deer, this has at times resulted in serious injury or death of the animal.
The park welcomes dogs and responsible dog owners and we aim to provide an environment where they can fully enjoy the park with the minimum of restrictions. The vast majority of visitors to the park are considerate and careful about keeping their dogs under control and until recently we experienced very few problems like this.  We don’t want to impose any additional restrictions on dogs or their owners when visiting the park, but at the same time the welfare of the deer and farm livestock is also a priority for us.
If you do witness any incidents of dogs worrying deer or livestock within the park, we would be really grateful if you’d report it to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity.

Whether you are visiting from afar or popping in for your regular daily dog walk we are always happy to welcome you.

Where can we go with our dogs?   Almost everywhere! However not in the Main Castle, Children's Play areas , the Gift Shop or Charlotte's Pantry (Guide dogs are the exception).

You can explore:
• Parkland - Our parkland is a dog walking heaven. With 500 acres to explore this is the best spot for letting them stretch their legs and chase a ball, please be mindful however that our deer roam in the Parkland so dogs must be under CLOSE control. At times in the year we will ask you to keep them on leads- particularly for the fawning time when our deer give birth. We will put signs up during these times to let you know. 
• Formal gardens - With your dog on its lead, wander through the formal gardens, lots of benches to rest and enjoy the sun. 
• Charlotte's Pantry  - We have lots of benches in the castle visitor centre courtyard, you can sit and enjoy a snack close to the Cafe.

We love dogs but not all our visitors do! So please help us stay dog friendly by following our guidelines-
• Pick up after your pooch - We supply dog poop bags at the entrance cabin should you forget to bring yours. You can put the bags IN ANY OF THE PARK BINS.  Please DON'T leave bags in our hedges and under bushes. 
• Keep your dogs with you at all times - dogs should never be left unattended when you visit the Park.

Dog Wash - The first of its kind in Wales! 
The Park now boasts a self-service Dog Wash area, conveniently located near the toilets by the Car Park Entrance Cabin.
This easy to use facility is ideal for washing your muddy pooches or simply giving your pampered pet a weekly treat. The machine features warm water, natural products and two speed dryer … leaving your car and home clean and you ready to relax after your “walkies”!
It's fun and easy to use at a low cost!

Review from Debbie one of the first to try the Dog Wash out with her dog Teddy 'It was great. I've often wished you had something like this. It was very easy to use, I think I might have been the first to use it . Reasonable too. The water is warm too which is excellent. So comfortable for the dogs and the hands, one more really good point is that you don't need "money" as you pay for it using a card, so there's no fumbling around looking for change.'

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