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2nd April – Easter Monday

Amazing Beasts- Find them at Margam Park

2nd April – Easter Monday    A great family fun day out

Why not come in your best animal costume?

Adults £7.00, Children £5.00, Family (2 plus 2) £23.00. 3's and under are free

Free Parking

Gates open at 10 am

The entertainment will include:-

‘Honopopo!’ Before the maps were written, when the world was young, lost civilisations yearned to be found and undiscovered islands whispered to gentlemen of fortune...islands such as, Honopopo!  Join Captain Jon Voyage and Doctor Rafferty Goggins, as they take you on a buffoon's romp through the golden age of adventure. Beginning at their base camp on the island of Honopopo, you will journey deep into the jungle's dark heart searching for new species, lost civilisations and loot! Plundering the age of the exotic in children's fiction, the show draws on The Jungle Book, Tarzan, The Lost World and The Land that Time Forgot, mixing it all with a dash of Carry On up the Jungle.  Shows on the Castle Lawns by Creature Encounter

‘Roar into Spring’ with the Maiden of Flowers as she steps out from the winter darkness bringing Spring sunlight and warmth to all. Accompanied by her faithful faun and her awe-inspiring Lion, the maiden will call on those who wish to meet the very spirit of abundance, new life and celebration. Be certain to step forward for a photo with these magical characters and take home a memory of an eternal Spring. Appearances on the castle lawns by Creature Encounter.

An Incredible Creature has mysteriously arrived in the Park from a hidden magical world. Accompanied by the explorer, who discovered the Creature, Maisy, rummaging through the bins behind the bus stop and instantly recognised her wonder and brilliance. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal to the majestic 8ft fantastical beast and ask any burning questions, such as: Where does she live? Why is she here? What does an Incredible Creature eat? And, do they have a category in Crufts?       Remember, she’ll be as curious about you as you are of her, so expect her to be inquisitive, highly playful! Make sure you step forward for a gentle pat – her companion is convinced magical creatures are good luck- and maybe a photo, if your fast. You will certainly leave with a magical memory of the day you met a real Incredible Creature. Appearances on the castle lawns by Los Kaos.

Yeshe the Yak is a gentle, mysterious and curious yak. He’s very fond of children especially those who might carefully stroke his nose or tickle his fringe. Appearances on the castle lawns by thingumajig Theatre

 The Flying DoDo’s. Despite all the odds, an unknown subspecies of the dodo has been discovered! Much larger than their extinct cousins and able to fly (sort of), Charles and Amelia, two relics of a bygone era, are very excited to be travelling the world to see what they’ve been missing. We hope the Park suits them…perhaps even encouraging them to stay and nest here. Appearances on the castle lawns by thingumajig Theatre

 The Beasts These two cheeky beasts are a force to be reckoned with! Join these mischievous balls of fun as they explore the world around them and learn the do's and don'ts of life among humans. With a love of dancing, hugging and making new friends, these furry wrecking balls cause mayhem wherever they bound! Appearances in the Orangery Gardens by Headstrung Puppets.     

 The Crypid Petting Zoo An introduction to new and exciting animals from around the world, This Zoo gives the chance to meet some very unusual creatures, including the extremely rare Mongolian Death Worm and our loveable Giant Beast. See these Mythical Monsters up close and learn more about them from our specially trained handlers, including the opportunity to ask questions and care for the animals.  "My little girl LOVED the 'beasts'! She woke up this morning and asked if we could go to see them again today!" ​"My 2 year old was mesmerised! She loved all the cryptids and the acting was great from an adults point of view"  Audience members. Shows in the Orangery Gardens by Headstrung Puppets