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Margam Country Park

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The Castle

The Grade I listed 19th Century Tudor Gothic Mansion, built in 1830–40 is as a mansion of exceptional quality.

The Castle has some spectacular features. It was designed by the architect Thomas Hopper for Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot.

The main entrance hall and staircase hall are open daily.


The Gardens

The Gardens at Margam are continuously being developed aiming over time to  become one of the most interesting gardens in the South Wales.

The historic fern-leaved beech (winner of the Wales Tree of the Year in 2020) envelopes the remains of one of the first Cistercian abbeys established in Wales. With an impressive canopy, the tree has provided shelter to visitors for many years - from Victorian tea parties taking place under its sweeping boughs to a favourite summer picnic spot for present day visitors.

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Deer and Wildlife

The famous Margam Deer Herd today roams through approximately 500 acres (200 hectares) of parkland.

The 3 species of Deer in the Park are Fallow, Red and the endangered Pere David Deer.

Among the more common mammals to be seen are foxes, badgers, hares, grey squirrels, voles and shrews.

Activities for All

The Park is many things to many people.

From peaceful walks to the thrill of mountain biking, coarse fishing to sitting back and watching the deer - the park provides a wonderful environment for all to enjoy.

Park Membership

Our Park Membership is full of benefits and is a great way to make the most of the Park if you visit often.

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The Latest News...

Margam Country Park's Turbine House has been restored...

The restored Turbine House can now produce approximately 25KW of renewable energy which will be used to power the buildings on the Margam Estate, including the prestigious on-site wedding venue, The Orangery.

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