Family Cycling and Mountain Biking

Margam Country Park provides an excellent place for family cycling. Where better to enjoy the countryside and get fit at the same time!

Cycling regularly contributes to all round fitness and as it doesn’t put any weight on joints and muscles it is an ideal way of keeping active for all age groups, those with arthritis and people that are overweight.

You can cycle around the park on both tarmac roads and rough tracks. The only place that is out of bounds is the Orangery Gardens. We have provided bicycle racks in the Orangery car park and the visitor centre courtyard for your convenience

Part of the National Cycle Network, The Celtic Trail Route 4 which runs across South Wales runs through the North of the Park. Please take car when cycling in the Park as there are many other Park users.

Family Mountain biking

We have constructed our own mountain Bike Trail. It is approximately 5 miles long. The route takes you to the more remote areas of the park. It follows tracks, paths and rough ground.

The Margam Activity Centre offers mountain biking.

Mountain biking

All activities are led by qualified instructors and are great fun to take part in, available to families, groups, schools, corporate outings and one to one.
 Everything catered for from a full days outing to an hours tuition. For more details contact the Margam Activities Centre Co-ordinator, Simon Warren.  

Simon Warren or telephone: 01639 881635 Mobile: 07976317577

Directions for the Mountain Bike Route:

Yellow circular markers with a black directional arrow (WM)

You will see the first way-marker beside the train station to the front of the castle WM1, follow the direction this points along the track which leads past the lake. The lake will be to your left, the adventure playground further along will be on your right. Follow the track along WM2 can be seen at the bottom of the track before the entrance to the Farm Trail, take a left turn here. This brings you to WM 3 at the train crossing point. During the summer the gate may be closed, you can push your bikes down the bank of the train track to cross (please look both ways!). Follow straight along, through the gate WM 4 and again straight, the track joins up to the tarmac road WM 5, take a right turn following the tarmac road for a short distance.

At WM 6 take the rough tack to the left, follow this track WM 7 over the small stream and up the rise WM 8. The track ends and the route now follows a grass surface to the right WM 9, join the rough track again, cross the stream and head up the bank WM 10. At the top of the bank the track joins a surfaced road WM 11 take a right turn. Follow along the track WM 12 take the left hand turn.

This is a steep and rough section…you may need to get off and push…a real challenge!

Stay on this track, WM13 the track makes a sharp left turn at the old mine shaft. Keep to the track…great views! WM 14, WM 15 the grass track follows up to the right WM 16 and joins the main track, follow this WM 17 along to the gate WM 18 and then again head off to the left, this again is a steep section. You have reached the highest point within Margam Park. Have a rest here and enjoy the views.

Keep following this track WM 19 through the gate (please shut behind you) as it snakes its way down to the valley bottom. WM 20 WM21 once this track joins the main surfaced track in the valley take the left hand route, follow straight along to the gate WM 22 (close after you), keep to this track through the woodland WM23 and head across the junction.

The track leads you directly to the final gate WM24 through which you can see the start point and the castle…time for a cup of tea!

Please remember to follow the country code as you use the trail and shut all the gates behind you.

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