The Deer Herd

Photo of deer at Margam ParkThe deer herd today roams through approximately 500 acres (200 hectares) of parkland. It dates from Norman times although several references are made to deer in this area during the time of Roman occupation.

The herd, originally exclusively fallow, is of excellent genetic quality with heads to rival any in the British Isles.

In the last 15 years firstly Red deer and then Pere David deer have been introduced and thrive in the park. The Pere David are an endangered species and in the park they are part of a breeding programme under way in conjunction with Whipsnade Safari Park.

Pere David Deer A Fallow Fawn at the park A fallow buck at the park Red Deer Deer at Margam Park The Famous Deer Herd

The herd at the present time consists of approx 300 fallow deer, 64 red and 34 Pere David.

Park staff manage the deer herd. Culling primarily controls the numbers, the venison is then sold directly to the public.

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